Hola upper east siders ! The dramatic diva here …

For all the girls out there who are Fashion Fanatics, fashion icons like Leighton Meester a.k.a Blair Waldorf and Blake Lively a.k.a Serena Van der Woodsen have been our eternal inspiration since Gossip girl hit the Hollywood sitcom screens in 2007!

Being one of the most fashionable tv shows of all time , gossip girl have rarely missed the mark ! I still cant get enough of this show

So with Autumn/Winter 2015 , i bring you the best autumn/winter styles to steal from S and B this season !!

1.When in doubt , wear a gold sequined blazer.

This blonde beauty ( who is a blonde no more ) has been seen flaunting everything from short club dresses, long gowns ,culottes, basic denims to perfection.Her style evidently is timeless. But putting on a gold sequined blazer with striking blue half pants is something only she could carry off. I personally love this combination . Just tie your hair in a bun with this outfit and you are good to go .

2. Breaking Stereotypes with stripes.

Everyone knows this legged beauty looks the best in basic denims , and what is better than adorning a plain white shirt with it . A white shirt is a quintessential wardrobe item for everyone. And breaking the stereotype of Solid colour blazers, she taught us how to carry a striped white blazer over a white shirt.

Black Leather boots and loose hair are just add-ons.

3. All black everything

Blair Waldorf’s collection was slightly edgy and polar opposite to Serena’s but it gave us a serious envy too.One thing that ALWAYS works is a black on black outfit. If you have seen my blog , i wear ALOT of black and this outfit gives us some SERIOUS BLACK ON BLACK goals.

And you can totally transform the usual look by wearing a hat .


The Hack here is the unusual combination of grey and brown . I have always worried about experimenting with this combination since brown and grey belong to two completely different family of colours. But this combination looks amusing on Serena. So let your hair loose , find the perfect grey coat and the perfect tan brown boots and you are more than good to go.!

5. From Black hats to red hats

Shifting from black hats , we come to red hats ,red bags and red checked dresses. Style quotient level 101.

6.Checked coats

From checked dresses to checked coats, the gossip girl stylists left no stones unturned when it came to styling the characters. And i guess red and grey together will also be a thing no matter what the era.

7. Blue and Camel

Life is too short to wear boring colours. Camel is definitely not one of my favourite colours. But Serena Van der Woodsen shows us colour blocking to perfection. And i love it , so go all out this year experimenting with colours you have never done before.

8.  Multi Coloured pants ?

Well , Capes have just started flowing in, in the market , but Gossip girl left no style unexplored . In Serena’s dictionary , there is no such acronym as “OTP” and no such word as “Overdressed”. I guess there is only one word – “confidence”, She is so confident carrying off a multicoloured pair of pants with a leopard print top and a cape.

The statement neckpieces also adds to the striking outfit.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as i enjoyed writing it ( especially when my exams are on my head ) .


the dramatic divaa


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