Hola people !

The Dramatic Diva here ,

I finally managed to attend the Satya Paul event even though I lost the only proof I had of being a blogger – my Instagram page with a well built empire of 1200 followers ( built only in 40 days ) . Had to start from scratch.

But started from the bottom , now we are here ! 😀

Any way , so I did finally end up going to this Satya Paul first anniversary event hosted by Satya Paul Connaught place , New Delhi !

I saw a few of the most bizarre bloggers from New Delhi including Aakriti (la chica loca ) and Kritika ( thatbohogirl) who are my inspirations and role models .

So there were uptown girls all around dressed up in trendy and stylish clothes all excited .

I met the person who sent me the invite and she told me that we could try anything we want in the store ,Get pictures clicked to feature them in our blog , get a free eye make up done , or maybe just take advantage of the Kaya skin clinic free vouchers and Bwitch they were providing all the bloggers with .

I was fortunately wearing one of my crop tops ( so it almost looked like a blouse )

I went for a saree with a shade of pink , white and blue to match it with my blue and dirty brown crop top and surprisingly it blended really well with the saree . and I also picked out a multicoloured Satya Paul clutch to match it with my multicoloured yet subtle ensemble . So here it is !

PS – I recently bought these shades from BLackbox ( Instagram page ) . It is being handled by Nanki Arneja – a friend from school . She personally chooses all her stock herself . And trust me , their stock of shades is a bundle of joy for someone who has a shades fetish , and I know most of us here do ! ❤️ check it out and buy a little something from there  only to help out my friend grow her business 👀

They might look a little oversized for me ! But I have got a really small face .


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