I started this blog post with this quote because when i wore this dungaree from , thats exactly how i felt. 

Stalkbuylove is one of the first sites that brought back the dungaree look from the 90’s and i immediately knew my wardrobe has to have one. Dungarees were a staple in a 90s fashionsita’s wardrobe and here its back again. 

i chose to go with a skirt dungaree out of the full length , shorts and skirt categories because it describes my personal style + plus the scorching heat made me wanna go for something short and cool . 

When it came to picking up the accessories ,  The patent white tshirt idea did not appeal to me , so instead i picked up a black tank top to pair with it sincce it brought out the  colour of the dungaree well. 

I personally feel oxford shoes /loafers / sneakers would have gone really well with a denim dungree , but the material of my dungaree gave me a very formal feel rather than a casual one so instead i went with studded black heels that completed my entire look in the most perfect way. 

The dog collar i wore as an accessory complimented the whole gangster feel i wanted to create. 

This dungaree could be worn in the day or in the night only with the change in footwear. Wearing sneakers in the day would make it sporty and casual . On the other hand , wearing your usual bold black pumps in the night would make it sexy . The choice is upto you on how you want to adorn this outfit ensemble .  

Till the next blog post , all i wanna say is Stalk 


and love ! 

xoxo  – DD


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