The dramatic diva here , Your one and only source into the fashionable lives of Manhattan’s elite

I am a very unusual yet a fun loving girl  who finds optimism in everything life has in store for her . Though i have always been totally academically oriented ,  topped my school , ended up doing an extremely tough and reputed course from the University of Delhi – Economic honours. My passion for dancing and a lot of other things disappeared while focusing on my career . However, surprisingly, one thing that remained was my love for dressing up , dolling up , make up , the excitement in matching outfits , the excitement of buying new clothes /accessories e.t.c.I am sure all of you girls who are reading this blog can relate to it . Because we have all had our share of shopping trips to Citywalk  or Sarojini nagar while in college with our college BFFs , when all we wanted to do was to wake up in the morning ,dress up and walk late into class like nothing really matters . Yes , i have done that too , all 3 years of my college.We guys know that we are a really attractive species in general AND we do everything to look even more irresistible. 

So this blog is basically about that . Its about being vibrant , random , impulsive and fashionable at 22 as well as  young and fashionable at 35 too.From the first day you step into a new world , your clothes speak louder than your words. Your first impression, if you agree or not , is always formed by what you are wearing since it reflects who you are (at least in this make believe world ). I hope you enjoy reading my Fashion blog as much as i enjoy writing it and making it different. 


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