Someone once told me “Accessories on a dress is like frosting on cake . A dress is as tasteless without jewellery as a cake is without frosting ” 

Someone reported my blog on Instagram . All the hardwork I did for 2 months went down the drain. But it didn’t stop me from coming back on a larger scale . We have started our Instagram blog from scratch,and hope to get the same response from all of you .

The Dramatic Diva has collaborated with TI couture , a brand by Tania M Kathuria . She is a stylist and a jewellery designer who makes exquisite jewellery . Her jewellery will make anything you wear stand out even if it’s a simple top or maxi dress . 

Sometimes all you need is a perfect statement neckpiece or earrings on a simple dress to look glamorous . This is my look for this blogpost . 

Our photographer and partner – Sonam Satija has done a great job with the pictures . With the perfect lighting and angles , she has helped us showcase TI couture jewels in the best way possible . 

 Since the size of the purple statement neckpiece is quiet big  , I have kept it simple by styling it with a white lace maxi dress with a slit and normal pumps . 

I haven’t used any other accessory to make the neckpiece stand out . I wanted the statement necklace to be the style statement of this post. 

I have left my hair open and kept it naturally wavy . As with my make up , I have used a golden eyeshadow and a peach pinkish lipstick 


Jewellery – TI couture 

Gown – forever 21 

Make up – 

Eyeshadow – Christian Dior 

Lipstick – Elizabeth Arden  

I have collaborated with TI couture for a few other pieces which I will showcase on the blog posts that will follow after this . Stay tuned for more exciting and useful styling tips that will help you keep up with your regular hectic life . 

I hope this blog posts help all the girls out there who are trying to maintain a work life balance and yet trying to be fashionable whenever they go out to party. 

I believe life is too short for comprises and no jewellery . 

Until the next post . Xoxo


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