HELLO lovely people ,

“The devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and horns , he comes dressed as everything you have ever wished for”

Its time for the second post for Tania M Kathuria . We are glad we collaborated with her because she gave the extra push to our blog. This is the second outfit ensemble for her jewelry.

So find the unapologetic diva in you and go ahead and read our review of this impeccable piece of headdress designed by the diva herself – Tania M Kathuria.


When i received the TI couture accessories , i was really excited to style them , but the only thing i couldn’t hold my excitement in for was this one tiny piece of headdress. Since headdresses are really in right now , I knew i could style it with anything flowy and create an “out of the world” look with it.

All i had to do was throw a beige gown on , wear this piece of jewelry , my red pumps and i was good to go. Beige and Red is my favorite combination . Beige is a very neutral & earthy tone , while red symbolizes danger or brightness if you look at it from a positive perspective . So mixing these two made the perfect sense to me . It is like mixing my dark side with my angelic side. Only the

The headdress makes you look more angelic – thanks to TI. 

With make up , i went with a bronze eyeshadow and a pink lipstick . I am also wearing hazel lenses to give this a more exotic look and to blend the eye colour with my eye make up .

This is one look i did for the headdress. You can also wear this headdress with an indian outfit =-lehenga or a saree for a wedding function .

until next time . xoxo


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