Black, Denim and plaid- When life gives you lemons , buy clothes !

My current clothing style is turning into a a combination of “shit it’s cold ” and “shit I’m late ” with just a hint of ” I am too lazy to look socially acceptable for you losers ” – aptly describes my winter to – go style because

1) I have exams 


 2) it’s too cold for my brain to work in creative ways . 

While writing this , I am on my way to college for my maths exam but but all I give a fuck about is making this blog and attracting new followers hahaha ! 

I have finally found time to jot down all the experiences I have had while shooting for my most favourite clients – Nanki Arneja and Ishaan Duggal (almost lawyers and entrepreneurs in the making ) owners of practically every piece of sunglasses I own . 

So unlike last time , we had a professional shoot this time with Snapsoul India by Aditya Mohan who’s the official photographer of BMW and trust me , he made me look no less desirable than a BMW . 

Since we did this shoot in Lodhi Garden , we were not allowed to use the washrooms to change our looks , hence we mostly went with layering and were able to assemble 2 looks all together with about a 25 shades . In the first look , i also replaced my golden chained leather jacket with the black coat and paired a piece of chain necklace i bought from forever 21 to change the look a bit since i could not change my crop top.

The first look being the “conventional black coat look”

The only unconventional thing I did with it was to w ear a multicoloured crop top with it and  my favourite leather jeggings  from Zara . I also added my tasseled green neck piece to create this look matches with the colour of these perfect reflectors from Theblackboxx. You can check out their stuff on instagram and facebook.

The second look I created was the denim- checked look , wearing my red blue checked shirt with my denim short jacket . I added a marsala lipstick with it to match my lip colour with my red shirt to make it pop. And obviously the dior inspired silver reflectors from theblackboxx and my boho coin neckpiece gave this look an extra edge . 

 I hope you like both the looks ! Xoxo 



5 thoughts on “Black, Denim and plaid- When life gives you lemons , buy clothes !

  1. Anupam says:

    lovely work and attire conceptualisation. however, the photographs seemly overly contrasty and too satured, which kinda subdues the natural look and freshness.

    Liked by 1 person

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