I believe that a girl’s life is a plethora of people pampering her , starting from her parents , to her best-friends to her guy friends to her boyfriends and then finally her husband till the end of time. We as a species, are accustomed to getting pampered , loved and protected especially when it comes to going to the parlour and enjoying a relaxed long day of self – indulgence.

But I being ME , am as lazy as the 34 % inactive women in a total of 122 countries and completely REFUSE to get out of my cosy , cuddly bed (which has accepted me as one of its own) even to wash my hands , much less to get waxed ! *sob* *sob*. AND , no f**ks are given when my cuticles grow longer than my nails ! .

This is the perpetual laziness i probably inherited from my mommy , who is equally if not more lazy for going out of the house even to get her eyebrows done , to the extent that she has a unibrow sometimes , to calling the electrician when our geyser stops working and to hit the gym.

And this is exactly where LOCALOYE comes in the picture to rescue us from a meteor shower of ugliness because of the laziness ! LOCAL OYE is the easiest way to hire any kind of experts for your daily needs from beauty services , home services , fitness experts to hiring teachers for foreign language lessons. And guess what , they also provide teachers for baking lessons at home . ( NOT ONLY THAT , but i have only mentioned a part of all the services that they provide ).

This saturday i had a friend’s wedding to attend but because of shuffling between the hectic college routine all week and the shoots for my blog , i had no time to get prim and proper for this wedding . So all i did was log on to their website – http://localoye.com/ . Within 3 hours the beautician was at my place with all her stuff ready and i got the well deserved ,relaxing 3 hour self pampering session in the longest time ( which included waxing , eyebrows , pedicure , manicure , bleach , facial , hair setting ) and everything cost me less than INR 2500 . PRACTICALLY , this required negligible effort and money from my side and almost perfect results , what else does a-girl-on-the-go needs ? IF its too hard to believe ,you can check out the pictures below or log in to their website as mentioned above or download their app which is available for both






You can also use the promo code (for first time users only) to get INR 300 off on any service – LOIBE300




GET GOING NOWWW and check things off the list of your pending works in an instant using LOCALOYE !!

xoxo !




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