Rob with Flyrobe 

Aloha ladies !

Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you want new clothes every freaking week because you have nothing to wear whatsoever ? I HAVE and I’m pretty sure you have too . When I was only 16 years old and started partying , I wanted new clothes for every party and used to drag my mom along to buy a new dress and a new pair of heels .ONLY if FLYROBE existed back then , my life would have been way easier and even my moms life for that matter .

Flyrobe is the largest rental site in India , which enables you to rent – out of the world and amazing  dresses for every occasion. They have the best freaking delivery service . They ONLY take 3 hours to deliver the dress to your doorstep, a dress that is ironed and packed in a way like its new.

I recently attended their launch event in Delhi. With people in Delhi being party animals (including me) , I think Flyrobe just sorted my life out . I have been dying to rent out branded dresses since I was a kid so that I don’t have to burn a hole in my packet every weekend for a party . Flyrobe is THE solution for me and for you  as well . Go check out for all the outfits and ensembles you’re looking for the next event and also check out my pictures from their launch event at The project in Haus Khas village , Delhi. I met all the amazing ladies that also happen to be fashion bloggers , we had so much fun getting pictures clicked , getting our make up and nails done , and also we met their founders , that our sweet beyond limit.

I am wearing a River Island dress that is originally for 6k , I rented it out for INR 600 only from Flyrobe.



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