This Women’s Day : It’s All ABOUT YOU !

CSOca2TWUAEp_Dj“Oh, isn’t it a pity such a pretty girl as I

Should be sent to the factory to pine away and die.”

These where the lines that were sung during the strikes through the streets of Massachusetts where young women worked eighty-one hours a week for ONLY three dollars.

“As we come marching, marching, we bring the greater days
The rising of the women means the, rising of the race
No more the drudge and idler that toil where one reposes
But a sharing of life’s glories, Bread and Roses, Bread and Roses”

This was the song ( Bread and Roses )  symbolizing our demands for not only a living wage but a decent and human life.

Since then , March 8th has been marked as International Women’s Day every year !


This blog post is dedicated to all women out there , just to remind you that you are POWERFUL ! . You are not less than any woman or for that matter any man ! And this message comes travelling all the way from Deepika Padukone currently shooting for XXX in Canada ,in association with her new clothing line that she has launched with Myntra – “ALL ABOUT YOU ” .

And i am more than privileged to be given the chance to send this message across to you guys !!
This Women’s Day and all the other days as well, Its only about you ! Your style , your passions , your interests , your way of life and ONLY YOU. She also has a set of videos coming up just to tell you that there is infinite power within you and you can use this power to be ANYTHING you want.  Deepika Padukone’s All About You Clothing Line which is Inspired to create something that will define every women’s individual style statement, ‘All About You’ combines grace with comfort, delivering powerful elegance in design, weave, texture and fabric. The collection embraces special fabrics such as hammered satin, viscose & jacquards, lurex knits, blended knits, woolens and premium denims.

CHECK OUT THE VIDEOS FOR THE SAME – Video 1 . This video has different strong women claiming what their style statements are and how they will follow it no matter what the society wants to make of it. XOXO




The second video is about what comes to a girls mind when the word “marriage” is mentioned. All of them have different perceptions , views and opinions on it and the world needs to respect that and it reminds us again – it’s all about YOU, and your life.

I would like to conclude this post by saying that “BE your OWN woman”.This is one of the most motivational quote i have heard in the longest time. Be who you are , do what you feel , let go , take a stand and emerge out to be a free spirit ! That is what i feel womanhood is about and that is what the brand “ALL ABOUT YOU” by Deepika Padukone is.all about.

The third and final video made by the “ALL ABOUT YOU” team is only about aspirational and ambitious women trying to make big in their lives and being independent . Freedom for a woman in this male chauvinistic society is making life all about her and not coming under the strains and pressures of this hypocritical and judgemental society and  this video instigates just THAT. GO ahead and watch it———-


Until next time though,

TheDramaticDiva ❤



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