They say the truth is that Airports see more sincere kisses than wedding halls.I think they forgot to mention that airport runways are also the biggest fashion runways ! Somehow, the most exciting part about travelling and flying to a different place for me has always been the kind of clothes i am going to wear on my vacation and I start preparing for that well in advance , and the very first outfit that i almost always pair up in my mind is the outfit i am going to wearing to the airport. Celebrities  , for me , have been the epitome of inspiration when it comes to finalising my “airport ensemble” . While scrolling through my instagram , i get instantly drawn towards the photos of celebs coming out of airports after finishing their respective shoot schedules in different parts of the world . And what doesn’t fail to catch my attention is the way they carry themselves in the chic , fashionable YET the most comfortable outfits you can think of while you are travelling for long hours.In this blogpost , i have made a list of the wardrobe items that are quintessential
 (in the current fashion scenario )when you are travelling to a different place ( especially when flying) .
The item that tops my list right now is 1) Hats (especially , Fedora hats )  – Vacation essential – check
Airport essential- check and the pictures below are a virtual proof of that.—–>
  • Dakota Fanning looks absolutely gorgeous in this Off – shoulder dress with tan sandals and that HAT.
  •  I think Esha Gupta did complete justice to that beautiful pastel compilation by adorning a black fedora hat and those black moccasins.
  • Amber Heard pulling off a bad hair day better than any of us in that White shirt – Midi black skirt combo and a black hat !!Bad-hair-day-Do-Amber-Heard-did-add-wide-brim-hat
  • are a big YES!! right now , it goes with almost everything – crop tops , sphagetti tops , loose tops  , long tops , short tops ! and it looks so chic and yet so basic and pairing it with white shoes or loafers is an airport game changer!!
  • Priyanka Chopra carries off the ripped jeans chic look effortlessly in these looks! and so does Anushka Sharma in her – Adidas originals  !!
anushka sharma airport
  • Kylie Jenner in a short and loose tshirt dress and Adidas Originals!
3)Boots and Overcoats/Capes –
  • When they decide to go classy over casual ( CoverC) , there is NOTHING that beats THAT ! AIRPORT GAME LEVELS UP when Blake Lively steps out in an all white overcoat and pants ensemble or when Deepika Padukone decided to GO ALL OUT in those black leather pants black boots and red lipstick !!
4) Last but not the least , a pair of sunglasses /nerd specs- 
  • Sunglasses are a great way to make you look instantly stylish while travelling. Aviators, round or wayfarer we all know the importance of choosing the perfect frame for our face. Pair it up with your airport look and you are all set for your travel diaries.Or maybe pair uber cool nerd specs with any outfit and you are good to go with that intellectual fad on .
And who does it better than our very own Fashion Queen of Bollywood – Sonam Kapoor!!496f307406b61bf3aeeebb5a52998255DSC_4397-copy
I hope this post helps you the next time you decide to pack for the next vacation you take and helps you pick out the perfect and the most comfortable outfit for looking like a fashion queen when you make that aiport runaway entry! Until next time – The Dramatic Diva ❤

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