Hola Loves!

I am back sooner this time! Because i knew if i’d procrastinated writing this post any longer , we would have hit summer’17. But anyhow  lets get this going. Well , this summer, all i am tryna do is cut the bullshit out of my life and choke in the positive energy from all directions. And i mean that LITERALLY and also in terms of my dressing.

My favourite trends this season obviously like anyone else’s include cut outs  , bell sleeves , flared jeans, maxis and of course chokers top my list.  So i planned to do an entire post dedicated only to my love for chokers and cut out maxis and dresses , also featuring shades from by far the best shades collection i know of – TheBLACKKBOX – Theblackkbox.


  • In my first look , i paired a black crop top from and pencil black skirt from Forever21 and this striking blue bag with drama written on it ( describing me and my blog without actually having to say it ) i picked up from Janpath , New Delhi. And of course the reflectors from Theblackkbox to match with my bag . AND could never forget the basic black choker to match with my outfit to get the 90’s look on point.


  • For my second look ,i have chosen the red maxi cum dress that i picked up from Faballey . Trust me, they have got the best collection of clothes i have seen by far. i feel like they choose clothes to reflect my style. Anyhow, so the swag shades from Theblackkbox that i am wearing to give this outfit an edgy effect, and for this outfit as well  I decided not to get rid of the black choker that matched the new tasseled tie up sandals that i picked up from F21 the other day ( at INR.1600 ) .

Here you gooo!



  • For my third look , i went for a short Body con floral cut-out dress from Marks&Spencer . This fits me like a dream and if any of you reading this post have a similar figure , such dresses are made for youuuu and dont think twice before buying it if you come across something like this because it will go a long way in that messed up wardrobe of yours ( from which you don’t wear practically most of the clothes , if not all)


  • Well , well .I had kept this look for concluding my post because this one here is my all time favourite. You wouldn’t believe it but i picked up this mesmerising dress from a sale on koovs for INR 500 only. This dress is a constant reminder of the fact that Black is MY colour. Even though i experiment a lot with so many different colours , i have never come across a color that compliments my complexion so well . Its not a colour for me , its magic. And if you have seen my instagram and facebook pages , you must have noticed the amount of black i own and wear. That , and the perfect photographs that have come out ( all the credit goes to the one and only – Aditya Mohan from Snapsoul India.) I put all the jazz on and TADAAA , heres the final look-


Well , this is it for this post . Please leave your comments below if you liked this post and let me know if you want me to do more posts like this .

Location Courtesy – Unplugged Courtyard – Connaught Place ,New Delhi 

Shades courtesy – Theblackkbox – they have a facebook and an instagram page and they are very soon coming out with their own website , you have to have to have to check it out .

Photos courtesy – Snapsoul India and Aditya Mohan ( never come across a better photographer ) !!

Until next time loves,

xoxo ,

The Dramatic Diva



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