Show off your clavicle with off shoulder dresses

Show off your clavicle with off shoulder dresses

If exposed midriffs and attracting attention to cleavage is not your thing then go for an off shoulder dress. Sexy and subtle, off shoulder dresses are very versatile and look good on all body types. Western dresses are chic and stylish and make you look trendy and fashionable. Besides, these latest dresses can be styled for a number of occasions. Hence instead of opting for  regular round neck styles or a cold shoulder dress, go for an off shoulder dress for an elegant look.

Feminine and delicate, an off shoulder dress has always been a favourite among the fashionable women. Go for those western dresses featuring stylish patterns and styles that will draw attention to your shoulders and neck. Although latest dresses can be found in a range of styles an off shoulder dress is great if you want to style it for some special occasion such as a date or late night dinner with family and friends.



Accessorizing an Off shoulder dress can be tricky. Since the main focus of an off shoulder dress is your décolletage, adding too many accessories can make it look cluttered and unfashionable. Hence, go for a clean and crisp look and keep your accessories to a minimum. An elegant pair of earrings while leaving your necks unadorned is the best look. If you still want to wear a neckpiece, go for something simple and delicate. Don’t go for bigger and bolder pieces. An off shoulder dress looks most flattering with minimum jewelry. Just add a stylish clutch and sandals and you are ready to grab lots of attention with your style.

Pick latest dresses in light colours such as pink or pastel. Monochrome colours are also great for an elegant look. Western dresses with slight detailing is a good option to embrace the off shoulder trend. But keep these details to a minimum for a sharp look. Too many details and embellishments will take away the beauty of your dress.


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