Buy and Sell on Kraftly

ADI_2638ADI_2357When I was a little girl and before I started my own blog, being an avid fashion lover I had a dream of having my own designer showroom one day, from where I would sell my designs. Knowing the fact that starting such a huge business from scratch would need a requirement of an ample amount of investment, I decided to take a rain check from a dream that I knew would be beyond heavy on my parent’s pocket and decided on the more suitable idea of a fashion blog instead. Until I came across this wonder called KRAFTLY – The best part about it? is the fact that they give you a chance to literally OWN your own virtual store with your chosen brand name with it and absolute nil investment. It is basically and offline to online e-commerce platform giving a chance to small or hobby sellers to sell all kinds of products ranging from apparels ,footwear, accessories, home décor, stationery and handmade products as well and much more. There is no charge for listing at all. Started only a year back, according to their calculations, there are approximately 50 million sellers all over India who still have no platform online to sell what they have to. Not only this, they also launched a feature – ‘Instakonnect’ a few months back which lets all the sellers to sell on Instagram. Now you would be wondering, what are the advantages of selling over Interconnect and not just simply sell on Instagram. A list of merits are automated notifications of all the orders received , a collaboration with the best courier companies through kraftly and no need whatsoever to provide personal bank details. Hence, Traditional Instagram selling is now passé. Your instagram is directly connected to the Kraftly app and there is also a feature of automated upload of photos you share of the products you want to sell on this app. For a buyer, it works like most of the other apps however, the total product and shipping costs are shown to the user prior to check so that they know exactly how much is to be paid. Kraftly offers various payment options that includes credit/debit card, net banking and COD.

I recently downloaded this app and made my summer collection of things that are quintessential to go through the season from all the products being sold on the app.This collection includes everything from fedora hats , sunglasses , dresses , off shoulder tops , bikinis , footwear and everything you need to get rid of the heat. I have made it a very easy task for everyone by filtering out the best summer products from the app. You can check it out on this link –  Summertime Happiness

Here are the links to some of the items i have included in my summer collection –

City Midi skirt

Swimwear Bikini Set

Spring Flower sarong

As a cherry on the cake, they also have a section of “Featured Shops” which lets you browse through the best shops on Kraftly and choose what you want to buy. My personal suggestion would be that you should try out this website/app once and see for yourself.



Until then , Happy selling/Buying

Love love,

The Dramatic Diva




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