Woo-ing around with Woo !

Hello guys and girls ! Fellow bloggers and readers ! I’m here to make you aware of an app that proved to be a blessing in disguise for me ! Many of you here might not believe in the new age culture of coming across and connecting with people on the internet but many of you, I am sure have also become accustomed to this altered reality of the world where people meet virtually than platonically . So let me just tell you an incident that happened with me recently- it was just another day in my life when I was scrolling through the application store on my iPhone to find a photo editing app to make my blog uploads more attractive when I came across an app called WOO in the “suggested app section” of the store . The reviews and its feature immediately got me to download it to check out what was new about this top rated application. It intrigued me to find out .

Being an avid believe in destiny and fate , I used to completely refrain from using such apps to meet a new friend / lover / date etc. But this app got me thinking how the digital world perfectly mimics reality now. Woo gives you a platform to discover not only like minded people but people who have the same traits as you with their Tagsearch feature where you can search for people and filter them out on the basis of what attributes they posses – sounds interesting? . I am sure you want to ask what’s more . The crush feature which allows then user to send a message to his / her crush prior to matching with them increases the chances of a match 3 times ! And not only that – the screws process of liking a person on the basis of how they look has been wiped out by woo , by using their newly curated Question cast feature , I sparked some really substantial conversations with people with the same mental level without judging them on their appearance . And I realised how easy was it to connect to more people like that . I also plan to boost my profile to increase its visibility and find a match within a shorter period of time !! Now , I can easily go through the profiles of people who are interested in connecting with me and choose who I want to connect with on a priority basis . It’s less time consuming and more efficient : plus no ads interrupting this process and no limit on the number of likes I can get gives me an additional incentive to be on this app . I have definitely made a few good friends , spoken to different kind of people and expanded my horizon of knowledge and interest through this app . Now let’s see where it takes me ! Try it out to personally experience what I did !! And start WOOOOOO-ing around yay ! 🙌🏻

Attaching a slight sneak peak of how it looks – 

Here are the links to download the Woo app –



Until next time lovers ,


The Dramatic Diva


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