10 for twenties


Hola amigos!

Whether you stumble upon this article while you are deeply immersed in the newly found happiness of love, listening to Ed Sheeran on repeat or while you are struck by the disappointment of failure of goals that you went leaps and bounds for, I am hoping it helps you grow through it. When they say your 20s should be your selfish years- years to immerse yourself in every single thing possible – people who give you even the slightest bit of happiness, a job that is better than sex!, Sex that raises dopamine in your body to the level that gives you an escape from all the fuzzy stuff, love that makes you feel like an adolescent again, and far off places that help you become more aware of who you are – They mean it!.

From what I have experienced, there are n kinds of people that exist in this fucked up age group (Every person goes through each phase at least once in the entire decade from 20 to 30, though the timing ,intensity and count differs for everyone)

  • There is the first kind who is partying all day, all night because YOLO, because they think they are too young to give a fuck about what happens tomorrow, also because they know they are going to be hungover the next day so tomorrow only exists in a parallel universe for them. I am not making a statement here, just saying that this set of people will do something great in life because jo kuch nahi karte , woh ek din kamaal karte hai
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  • The second kind who is Lost (not wandering definitely but Lost), Lost to the extent that even losing loses its definition. Low on self-esteem, self-confidence and all the other things a human could possibly be low on. This one type of DNA is an organic disaster because what they don’t realize is that there is nothing in this world that isn’t working for them but their own image of themselves.
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  • The third and a very special kind is the one who is always on a hunt for knowledge, experimenting, trying everything, going places, meeting great people, aspiring to be one, actually becoming one and succeeding at practically everything in Life because you know this kind knows EXACTLY what they want because well they are just Lucky. (to be honest, I am kinda jealous of this one type).
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  • There’s another kind (+ 1), who is always on the lookout for love because they believe that the only failure in your 20s is (IN)ACTION (and yes they don’t end up getting a lot of that) :P. And the plus one is the partner in crime who is always helping the former & trying to hook them up with anything that comes in their visibility because well nobody ever considered dating them.
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  • The 5th kind is the one that equates happiness to money because well, LV is a way of life. Luxury is their first name, the last name being Malhotra, or Singhania , or any other stereotyped big shot surname you can think off :P. These people have everything sorted for themselves for reasons unstated here.

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  • The 6th kind is the one that are mixed solutions. While knowing exactly what they want but still NOT knowing it. They are antisocial as fuck. “Networking” doesn’t exist in their bloodline or their family tree because hashtag allergic to human beings. They spend most of their time at home(alone) watching sitcoms, reading all sorts of books (and eating) and avoiding human contact because their inner peace reigns over everything for them.
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I am sure you guys could have or would have related to each of them in one way or the other. In a nut shell, nobody is right or wrong in their 20s. Every perspective has its own meaning and own baggage. They all end up somewhere in life where they feel is right for them. It’s exactly like jumping off a cliff and building your own parachute. All I know is that you only get 10 years to be in your twenties. There is no one who’s going to |like you| in absolute terms in your 20s because you are still trying to make yourself. But in the end, all that matters is that you are happy and you are YOU! Regardless of what this world is trying to make you or expecting you to be.

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Signing off for now!




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