An Urban Fashion Story

Not that we are complaining, but the street style has been an upcoming fashion trend that has emerged from grassroots streetwear. Urban fashion is a synonym to street wear and has led million by storms with fashion bloggers and celebs featuring pictures wearing what they are comfortable in and showing off their personal style. Street style as a trend can be molded according to your own tastes and shapes and does not necessarily have to be according to the trends others are following.

It is prominent in urban centers and can be associated with youth culture. For me as a blogger, and as an individual, street fashion has been a go – to style. I find my comfort and persona lies in wearing ripped jeans, loose tops and not giving a care in the world. People have got no chill when it comes to clothes. For every Victoria Beckham, there has to be a Kanye West.It maintains the balance of the universe. Even though Beckham’s style oozes out confidence and royalty, West Yeezy shoe launch just shows the other side of how people perceive fashion.

I planned to do this shoot and executed this idea in the Connaught Place area of New Delhi, India where I chose 3 outfits that describe my personal style the best and blended it with current fashion trends.

My first outfit is a striped shirt with shoulder cut outs that I bought from Zara paired with my high waist knee ripped jeans from Madish – the style bar. These denims fit me perfectly and it is apt for a person with thin legs. You don’t have to worry about them not fitting you from the calves because the material just takes the shape of your legs. Over heels, I decided to go with a pair of black lace boots instead to give it a boost of street wear.

The second outfit is a mesh black top ( from Maripossa lovers ) paired with my checked skirt from forever 21. I decided to go with my black boots again because they just went with the entire ensemble perfectly.

The third outfit I chose was my most favourite wine tie up top ( from Missamore clothing) and paired it with a white net palazzos I bought from Zara. The bag I took was again a wine coloured Da Milano bag to match it with my top.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and please find the link of the websites I compiled all these outfits from in the end.Have fun shopping! ❤

PS – I just got featured in the top 10 bloggers of Delhi on the Magic Pin Blog and i can’t contain my excitement – Have a look ! – Delhi’s Best Fashion Bloggers to follow in 2017 


The Dramatic Diva

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