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Go(a) Hard or Go Home!

Which 18-year-old in India hasn’t dreamt of a post-boards Goa trip? I most definitely have and I am sure you have to. But unfortunately, I failed to convince my mom that I’m old enough to go to the ‘land of drugs and alcohol’ with my friends and so did they. But a lot of you might have actually gone and had the time of your life.
Nonetheless, I was successful in making that trip in the 3rd year of my college. I did go. And then I went again in 2016 and then again in 2017. And I still can’t get enough of that place.You can’t blame me, well can you? That place has a vibe that makes you want to pack your bags, open a shack and shift there.
This travel story is about my 7 day trip to Goa when I finally thought I had explored enough to give you guys an insight into this land of beaches and beer.

DAY 1: Like almost all flights in Delhi in January, my morning flight when I was supposed to reach by 1 got delayed and I reached Goa by 5 in the evening. There went a day in the drain. My 7-day long trip just turned into a 6-day short trip. Anyhow, that’s how you feel when you every single day matters.
Over and above that, there was a code of conduct going on due to assembly elections. We only became aware of that after we booked the tickets and were majorly excited to go. Nights were ruined because all places ( including thekas) were shut down by 11.
On day 1 i.e. 17th Jan 2017 – We went to Curlies on Anjuna Beach. It was a Tuesday night and apparently, the rave party at Shiva Valley is the real shit to do on a Tuesday night in Goa. It was all fun and games till 1 a.m. when the place got shut. After that, we went home and slept because we were exhausted.

Indira Gandhi International Airport

Goa - Shiva ValleyGoa - Candolim Beach

DAY 2: Day 2 started with a fresh mind and on an energetic high. We were confused between going to the beach or Old Goa to see the churches and the Portuguese architecture of Goa. Since we were dying to go to the beach, we decided to hit the Candolim Beach in North Goa, have a few beers, chill there and decide our subsequent plan from there. The peace I found sitting on the beach was one of a kind. A wave of solace went through me and it felt like I could spend my whole life there. After 3-4 hours of letting that peace sink in, we went on to Anjuna,  Curlies again because another group of our friends landed that evening and they wanted to check it out. One dish that i would like to suggest is their fish. It was so delicious and gooey. The day ended at one of our friend’s apartment where we drank and danced all night.

DAY 3:  Day 3 started out late when we stopped for breakfast at this small little cafe called Kennys in Calangute. It was perfect for when you wanted to eat healthy food blended with a sprinkle of love. The place was run by a husband and wife. The service was slow but it was worth it. They made everything from omelettes to juices themselves. And we were so hooked. We decided we would have breakfast there everyday till we are in Goa. After that we moved on to explore this beach on the North End of Goa – Ashvem. Not at all commercial, isolated and peaceful. We rented our beach beds and starting sipping on beers. Relaxing and clicking pictures. Our friends joined us. We were sitting in Gopi Shack. Sounds like a stupid shack but trust me it has THE BEST chicken rolls. Goa isn’t complete until every sunset you watch is at the beach. There’s never been a sunset I haven’t loved there. Ashvem was good till it got pitch dark and we decided we’d go home, change, freshen up and go for a relaxing filling dinner. We decided to go to Infantaria in Calangute. It’s famous for its breakfast too. After that, we decided to move  to our friend’s apartment  chill there for that night because of course the code of conduct made sure there’s nothing we could do after 10.Goa - Kennys CalanguteGoa - North Goa - Ashvem Beachimg_5844

DAY 4: The Day after that we started off early. We wanted to explore the Chapora Fort- Yes this is the Dil Chalta hai fort where Aamir Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Akshay Khanna established friendship goals for the our generation when they took that road trip from Bombay to Goa. It was a long and tiring uphill walk. When after all the efforts you make, you reach a point where the view is SO WORTH it that you wouldn’t regret it. The pictures are proof enough. It was a long day ahead because after the Chapora Dora exploration < used it because it rhymed :p >, we had to go see Morjim that is just before Ashvem. This beach was Russian Dominated. We went there, took over the beach beds, ordered snacks and our respective beers and chose to sleep in the pleasant breeze till the sunset.  I couldn’t  have asked for anything more at that point. Plus I was carrying my port wine bottle to sip from throughout the journey. The cherry on the top were the little Russian kids I met on the beach. Babies are the cutest little creatures and are my happy place. I cuddled with a few of them while their mothers watched in disgust. After the sunset, we decided we would go to Club Cabana in Anjuna. As it would anyway shut at 10, we decided to hit the club right after the beach and not go home. Club Cabana was good until it lasted, we danced the night away and, post that moved to our friends hostel for a “Yeh Jawani hai deewani” like night, where we sat and listened to music and chilled.Goa - Chapora fort

Goa - Morjim beach

DAY 5: The northern most beach of Goa – Arambol was our plan for this day. It was an easy one hour drive from Calangute but then again, we weren’t going back home without checking this one out. After Arambol, we wanted to explore the flea market in Anjuna and attend the rave party there. The flea market has loads of food and beachy stuff you want to buy when you are in Goa including sarongs, maxi dresses, bikinis and other accessories. The rave party there usually goes on till 6 in the morning but it was our bad luck that it only went on till 1 because of the code of conduct bullshit. After that we left for the hostel where our friends were living. Hands down, Being on a scooty in Goa is much better than driving around in a car. Because unlike in other cities, the sky is much clearer there and you can just stare up and feel good about everything around you.

  • GOa - Koi - Khau Soey
  • Goa - Arambol beach

DAY 6:  I knew i wasn’t leaving this city without going to Thalassa – A Greek Restaurant on the Vagator Beach, and had our table booked. We kicked off our day with a spa because we were all so exhausted from partying, YES – that’s actually a thing. The Spa was much-needed. After getting fresh, we put on our best outfits and left for Thalassa. It apparently had the best sunset view in Goa and scrumptious food. We reached there around 4 just to catch a glimpse of the sunset. Ordered our bottles of wine, that just added to our happy mood. And stood there watching the sun go down the horizon.The food there was really appetizing. Plus, Thalassa also hosts various performances for our entertainment including fire players, belly dancers and much more. I will be adding videos for you to watch. After Thalassa, we pushed off to the Hill Top party in Goa, danced like there’s no one watching and had our share of fun there. Since it was our last night in Goa, we decided there’s definitely no sleeping till sunrise. With the sun coming up, it dawned upon me, that Goa is one place I would wish to spend my life in.GOa - Thalassa

  • ​​




DAY 7:  The day we had to catch a flight back home, we packed our bags and checked out of our hotel and decided to go have lunch at Calamari, Candolim. As the name suggests, that shack is known for its Calamari, that is Fried squid and is a dish in Mediterranean cuisine. In that moment, I just wanted to take in as much as i could. Because i knew i wasn’t going to come back to this place for a while. So, i just took my glass of wine and lied down there till I thought I have felt the share of the sea vibe through me to take home. We were almost on the verge of postponing our flights but everybody had to go back to work the next day and it wasn’t possible. Fortunately, our flight got delayed for a few hours and our day extended from afternoon to evening and i could watch another sunset there before I returned to the hustle and bustle of Delhi again. And guess what, we did actually almost miss our flight.Goa - Calamari Candolim

I tried to personalize this post as much as i could because i wanted you guys to relate to all the feelings i go through when i am on a vacation, especially on a beach vacation. I am a beach person and i feel when i am there, the vibe of that place washes away all the negativity in me and every time i come back, i come back as a different person.

Until next time




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